Anthony, T J
8 Aug 1996
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08 Aug 1996
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SF Bay Area
21 Dec 2009
I met TJ during a time when I was in a very bad relationship. He gave me lots of really great advice and strength to believe in my own values, and ultimately the courage to move on to a new and better chapter in my life. The T in TJ stood for Theophilus, that was his real first name, I always assumed he was Greek. The first date we went on he stood me up! Later that evening I angrily contacted him on the telephone where he apologized and explained he had been arrested for some kind of civil protest. At this point I wasn't sure TJ was somebody I wanted to see again but he assured me he still wanted to see me and to give him another chance. I saw him two more times and experienced a side of him that people will not read about in a newspaper article. TJ basically wanted to be held and loved and we did that for hours and even days. He was a totally masculine and handsome man, completely confident and comfortable with who he was and what he needed to accomplish with his brief time on this Earth. I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to meet this wonderful person, my life is better having known TJ Anthony.
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